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Read about some recently completed TyvolaWebMedia projects.

Pink Polka Dot
Pink Polka Dot - Founded in 2009 by two moms, Pink Polka Dot serves the Triangle area with high-quality custom monogramming, embroidery and appliques.

TyvolaWebMedia designed and developed the Pink Polka Dot Web site, created their Social Media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and produced their first Social Media video at their Holiday Open House event. The video was uploaded to their YouTube channel, embedded on their Web site and promoted on their other Social Media channels.


The Junior League of Raleigh

The Junior League of Raleigh - Every year, the Junior League of Raleigh organizes and hosts the largest shopping event in Raleigh with "A Shopping SPREE!", featuring dozens of vendors selling food, gifts and specialty items. In 2011, the Junior League of Raleigh wanted to publicize the SPREE with video.

TyvolaWebMedia helped the Junior League of Raleigh by taping, editing and uploading a series of Social Media Video reports from "A Shopping SPREE!". The videos ranged from a pre-event reports to interviews with Junior League members and SPREE vendors. The use of an on-camera host helped create excitement around the event.

TyvolaWebMedia created the Junior League of Raleigh YouTube channel and uploaded all the videos in a timely manner, allowing them to be promoted on their Social Media channels. Check out the SPREE videos in the portfolio playlist on the TyvolaWebMedia YouTube channel.

After the success of using video to promote SPREE, the Junior League of Raleigh is investigating using video to promote the organization throughout the year.

Cary Pop Warner
Cary Pop Warner Football & Cheerleading - Founded in 1968, Cary Pop Warner (CPW) offers flag and tackle football and cheerleading for boys and girls, ages 5-15, in Cary, North Carolina.

CPW needed to be able to make daily Web site updates during the season, communicating game and practice news to parents and participants. The problem was finding a reliable volunteer, who knew HTML and graphics, to update the Web site. CPW needed a solution that would let administrators to update the site without knowing HTML.

TyvolaWebMedia solved the problem by developing a new Cary Pop Warner Web site using Wordpress, a popular blog architecture. CPW administrators can now log into a password-protected, web-based Content Management System (CMS) from any computer, to update the Web site.

TyvolaWebMedia helped Cary Pop Warner set up and use their Social Media channels for Twitter and YouTube.


Cary Pop Warner
Gilpin Law Offices, PLLC - Gilpin Law Offices (GLO) is a full-service law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

GLO needed a basic, point-of-presence Web site that listed the services they offer, attorney information, contact information and directions to their offices. GLO did not anticipate having to update the Web site often, but wanted to be able to do this on their own, without needing to know HTML.

TyvolaWebMedia developed a Wordpress-based Web site, allowing Gilpin Law Office administrators to update the Web site as needed. Design of the site matched the branding the company used on their business cards and letterhead.