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Social Media Consulting
Is your business or organization taking advantage of Social Media? What are your customers and prospects saying about you online? Are you part of the conversation? Let TyvolaWebMedia help you create and execute a personalized Social Media strategy to help you build community and drive customers to your online presence and build awareness.

It's amazing what businesses can do when they utilize Social Media. And the best thing is that it's relatively inexpensive (or free!), as compared to traditional newspaper/direct mail advertising



Facebook - As of January 2011, Facebook had more than 500 million active members, many of whom are likely your customers or prospects. Having your company on Facebook will not only allow you to easily communicate news about your business, but allow your customers to communicate with you. Facebook also offers targeted advertising to help promote your business even more.



foursquare - Millions of users turn to foursquare every day to help them find their friends and explore their world. Whether checking out a new restaurant or visiting their favorite store, they are sharing their activities and loyalty with their social network. Welcome these users to your store by offering special promotions to those that "check-in" when visiting your business.

Twitter - Become part of the conversation as millions communicate their likes and dislikes using this popular microblogging platform. Use Twitter to communicate news and promotions, driving traffic back to your Web site or social media channels.

YouTube - Behind Google, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. People go to YouTube to look for video about everything. Imagine your business having its own YouTube channel, offering videos about your products and services. These videos can then be easily shared and embedded within blogs, Facebook and promoted using Twitter. TyvolaWebMedia can handle the video production, or set you up with the right equipment and best practices to tape, edit and post quality videos to your YouTube channel.


Let TyvolaWebMedia help you use the power of Social Media.